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'''José Maria de Eça de Queiroz''' His last name was officially spelled "Queiroz"; as Queirós is the most common spelling nowadays, the author is sometimes referred to as "'''Eça de Queirós'''" (; 25 November 1845 – 16 August 1900) is generally considered to be the greatest Portuguese writer in the Literary realism|realist style.[ Pick of the week - Consul yourself], Nicholas Lezard, ''The Guardian'', 23 December 2000 Émile Zola|Zola considered him to be far greater than Gustave Flaubert|Flaubert.[ backcover of The crime of Father Amaro: scenes of the religious life] The London ''The Observer|Observer'' critics rank him with Charles Dickens|Dickens, Honoré de Balzac|Balzac and Leo Tolstoy|Tolstoy.[ The...
Birth date{{birth date|df=yes|1845|11|25}}
Birth placePóvoa de Varzim, Portugal
Death date{{Death date and age|df=yes|1900|8|16|1845|11|25}}
Death placeParis, France
MovementLiterary realism|Realism, Romanticism
Debut works| signature = Assinatura Eça de Queirós.png
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